Speaking of Education

Like many school districts across the state, the Lake Holcombe school district will hold a referendum on April 5 to exceed revenue limits. This has become the norm for school districts to fund education in the state of Wisconsin. Passage of this referendum will help the Lake Holcombe school district continue to fund the programs and services that students and parents are accustomed to. With the current referendum we have been able to keep our existing course offerings in place as well as maintain the school facility including new boilers and roofs.

 The biennial state budget passed last year included no new funds for the school district for 2021-22 and 2022-23 under the revenue limit. There was not an allowable per student increase, there was no increase in per pupil aid, and our state aid was reduced.  Our state aid is projected to be reduced by 15% every year until it reaches zero. In spite of that, taxes are projected to DECREASE even with the passage of this referendum. As we have all seen, inflation is jumping at record rates yet we can’t raise additional revenue to cover additional expenses. Nothing was done to help in the spring legislative session which is now complete.

 Thank you for your support of the Lake Holcombe school district. #LH Proud