The scope and sequence of the PK-12 school counseling program can be found here.

The mission of the School Counseling Program in Lake Holcombe is to help students develop the academic, career, and personal/social skills needed for successful learning and productive citizenship. As part of the School Counseling Curriculum, your child and the other PK-12 students will have the opportunity to participate in classroom lessons, career courses and individual meetings that focus on many of the following topics:

  • Social Skills

  • Academic Success

  • Personal Safety

  • Alcohol/Drug Awareness and Prevention

  • Healthy Relationships (family, friendships, etc.)

  • Positive Self Image/Character Education

  • Self-Management (stress, depression, and suicide prevention)

  • Career Exploration

  • Diversity

  • Internet/Social Networking Safety

  • Transitions (to the next level of education)

Small groups are open to all students, will meet at various times during the school day and throughout the school year. Students do not have to be a part of a group, but could be recommended by a staff member to do so. In addition to groups, students often complete surveys for the school counseling office. Yearly, and sometimes more, I send out surveys to continually improve my programming. These surveys, such as the Youth Risk Behavior Survey, my counseling office program survey or my Therapy Dog Program Survey, are an important piece to helping me give the students what they want and need most effectively.

Examples of groups include: Grief Group, Leadership Team, Academic Support Group, Changing Families, Male Role Models, Bully Proof and Anger Management. All are welcome!