We are experiencing technical difficulties with Facebook live video streaming. This started in the second week of September and we have been unable to live stream new events. We are working to solve the problem.

We want to provide the public with alternate options to access our live streaming events, so here are the three options:


You can see our live videos and our video archive here: Lake Holcombe School - Videos

If you've already signed up for notifications for our district website and you receive the video notifications as usual, then you don't need to do anything different.


Our live video on Ensemble: Lake Holcombe Live Stream

​Video archive on Ensemble: (coming soon)​

This is CESA-10's video service. We send our live video to Ensemble first and then it forwards the videos to Facebook and Youtube.

Ensemble is very reliable for viewing our live videos, but it does not send out notifications when we start streaming.

​If you click on it and it says OFF AIR, then we are not currently broadcasting anything.


Our YouTube channel: Lake Holcombe School on Youtube

This is a new live video option that we are testing with Ensemble. Youtube makes it difficult for us to do live streaming so it is uncertain if our live videos will appear here. More testing is needed.