Wisconsin Financial Aid Available
List of scholarships and grants available to Wisconsin residents.  Check the list to see if you qualify, then apply.
List of grants and scholarships

State and National Scholarships
Kohl Scholarship - Online application, all Seniors eligible; 
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Elk's MVS Scholarship -
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Wisconsin Special Needs Scholarship - 
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TES - Wisconsin Technical Excellence Scholarship
Technical Excellence Scholarships (TES) are to be awarded by the State of Wisconsin to Wisconsin high school seniors who have the highest demonstrated level of proficiency in technical education subjects.  The scholarships are only for use at a school within the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) located within the state.
​The value of the scholarship is up to $2,250 per year, to be applied towards tuition for six semesters. Student must be full time enrollment in a Wisconsin Technical College by  Sept. 30; one per high school.

Application due to the guidance office  January 31st. 
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Local Scholarships
Local scholarships are given by community organizations and individuals with interest in Lake Holcombe students.  Most local scholarships are chosen by the organizations offering the award.

Scholarships are announced at graduation and the money is generally awarded after proof of second semester college or tech enrollment. Information on how to obtain the funds will be given to the graduates when they receive the award.

2020 Local Scholarship List-    
(use with scholarship resume
; for LH students only)
To apply for a local scholarship, Seniors submit a resume and 1 or 2 letters of recommendation. The resume and letters must be received one week prior to applying  for a scholarship. Resume and letters only need to be submitted once; after submitting the resume and letters, apply for each scholarship by submitting an essay by the due date.  Essay topics and due dates are listed on the 2020 Scholarship List, available from counselor in mid-December. 

Open Scholarship List (use their own form; local, regional, state and national)

Other Scholarships:
Doris Vennard Nursing- End of March. Application in guidance office.
CVEC, Deadline- April 1st. 
 Click for link to application. Send application to CVEC
JREC, Deadline- April 1st. Application available through email & guidance office; submit to counselor.
Rutledge Charities- June 1st deadline
Frank and Susan Huettner Scholarship- send written request for application by mid-April (watch email for exact date). Mail request to: Application Request, Huettner Foundation, P.O. Box 57, Cadott, WI  54727

TIP Grant- based on need; click here for link

Preparing a Scholarship Resume
A scholarship resume is written for the purpose of obtaining money for college or tech.  State your career goals succinctly and with conviction.  Highlight your successes during high school-- in academics, athletics, activities, music and community events.  Most organizations look favorably on students who give back-- include volunteer experiences.  And 
proofread your resume, set it down for a day and proofread again. 

Scholarship Resume Sample 1
Scholarship Resume Sample 2

Scholarship Essay Writing
Tip about essay writing... write it like a letter. Give examples. And remember-- the people reading your essay probably are not English teachers, they want to get to know you through your writing.

Tips for writing a scholarship essay
Looking Good on Paper

Scholarship Searches
Check out these free scholarship search sites.  
Remember- never pay money for a scholarship search. Offers that claim to find you money if you send them money are a scam.